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The LGBT+ committee of 2018/2019.

For the last couple years at Sheffield I've been part of the LGBT+ representative committee, which represents, supports, and acts on behalf of LGBT+ students. We organise campaigns to raise awareness of and enact change regarding issues affecting the community, offer confidential welfare support to students in need, and run a variety of socials where people can make new friends.

Currently, I am the Publicity Media Officer, which means that I am responsible for promoting the committee and its activities. I manage online publicity platforms including a website and various social media pages, and also liaise with external and Students' Union groups to publicise events.

Previously, I was the Bi+ Caucus Leader on committee, who acted as a representative for bisexual and pansexual people in committee meetings. I chaired caucuses where people from these groups could feed back to the main committee on how to be more inclusive. I also ran a successful Bi Visibility Day event in collaboration with the LGBT+ Staff Network.


The sequent calculus gang at ICFP 2019.

I'm particularly passionate about reaching out to underrepresented groups and making sure they get the same opportunities as everyone else. In April 2019 I co-organised an event for Global Diversity CFP Day to help people enter the world of speaking at technology conferences. I also gave a talk of my own, titled "Elm: putting the fun in functional", about the programming language Elm.

In August 2019 I volunteered at the International Conference on Functional Programming in Berlin, an annual event where researchers and developers meet to hear about the latest work in functional programming. I had various roles including ensuring that sessions and workshops were running smoothly, recording talks, and supervising lunch hours.

I've also been involved with the charity Code First: Girls, which aims to increase the number of women and non-binary people in technology. I was signed up as a volunteer instructor to deliver an intermediate Python course, but unfortunately we didn't get the numbers to run it. However, I helped out at a few sessions of the beginner course, where we taught HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Git to students from a variety of backgrounds.

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